Why Mountain View Backcountry:

We exist to help everyone affiliated with Mountain View Community Church connect more deeply with Christ through outdoor adventure. In a world that is increasingly busy and connected, MVCC Backcountry allows people to get away to unplug and to push themselves in new ways. From week-long backpacking trips throughout Colorado, to day trips to fish, rock climb, and more in Northern Colorado, Mountain View Backcountry provides people a unique chance to enjoy the outdoors and grow closer to God. 

What we do:

We serve Mountain View Community Church and other churches by providing purposeful retreats into the backcountry of Colorado. We trained guides on each trip that provide the opportunity to experience God in the backcountry. We take trips with our Middle School Ministry, High School Ministry, College Ministry, LifeGroups, and more! We have seen lives radically changed on the trail and look forward to the ways God will continue to work through this ministry!

What we believe:

Throughout history, God has used the wilderness as a special place for transformation.  The Biblical text indicates that God’s strategy for developing mission-focused leaders has often involved transforming wilderness experiences.  This is an integral part of God’s design for apprenticeship. Yet today in our increasingly urbanized world young people are less able to experience the wilderness.  In developing strategies today for recruiting, training, sending and sustaining young leaders as cross cultural or local youthworkers who can effectively introduce the young to Jesus Christ, we must re-emphasize this ancient apprenticing method which produced leaders such as Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Ruth, Jacob, David, Peter, James, John, and Paul.  Each of them were profoundly called and shaped by the God in the wilderness.

-Ashley Denton (Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice)