Being a Welcoming Church!

By Dan Pourbaix,

During the next month we will have many people who are new to Mountain View Community Church visit our Sunday Services! As a church family, we want to be welcoming to the visitors and help get people connected here at MVC. One of the things we have talked about through the years has been the “5 minute rule” - that after service, you spend the first 5 minutes of fellowship searching for someone who is newer to MVC and to take time to get to know them, invite them to lunch and / or your LifeGroup, and help get them connected to others in the church. For example, if they are a college student, introduce them to one of the college ministry leaders. If you don’t know who to connect them with for more information, bring them to the Connect Table outside and introduce them to the team at the table. It takes everyone at MVC to be intentional to find people newer to MVC and to help welcome them and get them connected at MVC.

Here is a link to a blog posted to Desiring God recently that is really helpful when thinking through how each of us can be purposeful on Sunday mornings.

Make Sunday Mornings Uncomfortable - Three Rules of Engagement at Church

Songs For Sufferers

By Jason McConahy,
1 Peter - Main Graphic 1080 - REDUCED.png

As we begin our journey through 1 Peter, we are reminded right away that the road to glory (our amazing inheritance) is filled with trials. God is in the midst of our trials, using them to strengthen our faith in action (not just intellect) and to refine our hope so that we are truly looking forward to His return. He promised to “guard” us through His strength, as we journey toward the inheritance He is “keeping” for us in heaven. 

There are a few artists who capture the struggle of the Christian faith in their music powerful ways. If you are looking for some music that will encourage you in your trials and will help point your heart toward heaven, here are a few albums you might want to listen to…

  • Ellie Holcomb, Read Sea Road

  • Andrew Peterson, The Burning Edge of Dawn

  • Fernando Ortega, The Shadow of Your Wings

A Practical Way to Stand for Life

By Jason McConahy,

Last weekend was “Sanctity of Human Life” Sunday, a day set aside to acknowledge the need to think rightly about life and stand for the rights of the unborn in our culture. As you ponder your own role in this cultural challenge, we wanted to point you toward a couple of ways to stir your heart and engage your mind. 

First, the annual “baby bottle” fundraiser for the Alpha Center is underway. Grab a baby bottle from the back of the sanctuary, take it home, and fill it with change for the next couple of weeks. We will be collecting them the weekend of February 17th. Also, by way of reminder, MVC has joined with a few other churches in giving 1% of our annual budget to the Alpha Center, which translated to just under $20,000 for the 2018 calendar year.

Second, a few years ago we took two weeks to lay out a biblical foundation for thinking about abortion, and how to meaningfully engage our culture with the healing power of the gospel. If you weren’t with us then, or if you are looking for something to engage your heart and mind on this topic, you can find the series here…