A Book Recommendation for Thinking Deeper about our Dual Citizenship

By Jason McConahy,

As we have discussed the role of the Christian in the political process over these past few weeks, some of you may feel stirred to dig deeper. Russell Moore’s book “Onward” is a good place to start. The subtitle, “Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel”, gives a good snapshot of the book’s intent - to encourage a bold presence in our culture (rather than retreat from culture) WHILE holding out the hope of the gospel as the true answer for the human condition. The book probes more deeply into the idea of our citizenship (common kingdom of the world vs. redemptive kingdom of God) and the chapter on Human Dignity will deepen your understanding of why being pro-life is not a political position, but rather a biblical ethic. There are a few copies of this book in our bookstore, or it can be found online from many sources.