Hope For Christmas

By Larry Lewis,
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Hi, my name is Larry Lewis and I’m involved in prison ministry at Mountain View. Twenty years ago a gentleman stood up in my church in Florida and put out an invitation to join in a ministry to inmates. I started going into a maximum security prison deep in the Everglades a couple times a month to serve in a worship service for the inmates. Through this time, I saw what it truly meant to be free in Christ regardless of your circumstances. I’ve seen angry men turn from their past and experience forgiveness and peace through the Gospel.

Larry leading worship at the jail.

Larry leading worship at the jail.

If you feel called to serve those who are incarcerated, there are a lot of opportunities to allow God to work through you in bringing the Good News. You can meet with inmates on a one-on-one basis, lead bible studies, help with book clubs, be involved in support groups, join in on evening services, or maybe you have a new idea that can be incorporated into the jail programs. I would love to talk with you and walk you through what it takes to become involved in the prison ministry here at MVC.

One of the greatest opportunities that God has opened for us through prison ministry is the chance to serve the oft forgotten families of inmates. Our family at Mountain View has reached out to the families of inmates at Larimer County Jail for the past six years through Hope for Christmas. Hundreds of inmates, families of inmates, and children have been served by our church body. For many of these families, the relationship with their incarcerated spouse has been broken and communication is minimal if at all. Hope for Christmas provides a vehicle to reestablish family connections and speak Jesus into their lives. Families from the church connect with the inmate families and provide the children with Christmas presents in the name of the incarcerated mother or father. They meet with the family at their home, provide a meal, and begin a relationship that hopefully will continue throughout the year. Immediate needs are also assessed and can sometimes be met by our church.

Please consider serving the inmates or their families. Click here to sign up to be a “Connector Family” and help us extend Christmas on behalf of an inmate!

For more information about Hope For Christmas, Prison Ministry, or to contact me directly, go to www.mvcchurch.org/prisonministry.