Fighting Idolatry

By Aaron LeDuc,

This weekend, Kevin finished up a 2 part series on "The Absurdity Behind Idolatry" out of Isaiah 44.  If you missed it, you can hear both sermons here:

As we seek to turn from idols and look to greater joy in Christ, Kevin gave us some helpful categories and diagnostic questions to root out idols.  Spend some time this week thinking through these questions and reflecting on how God would have you change.

Idol of comfort: I expect my life to be without hardship
Uncovering the idol of comfort:
Do I get irritated when someone or something changes my plans or agenda?
Do I think I know better than God what I need to be satisfied, secure or fulfilled?  
Am I having a hard time being thankful today because of my circumstances?
Do I find myself worrying that my circumstances will not change?
Would I rather be comfortable than be generous?
Is there a certain home, lifestyle, or car that I must have in order to be happy?
Do I only feel secure financially if I have a certain amount of money in the bank?d
Am I jealous of others who may not be suffering the way I am?  Do I feel that it is not fair?

Idol of man’s approval: I am consumed by what others think of me
Uncovering the idol of man’s approval:
Do I crave the attention of others?  
Am I willing to change who I am to be loved or accepted by others?
Do I get angry when people don’t respect me?
Do I get upset when others get noticed for doing something I have done?
Am I obsessed by the way I look and go to great strides to change my appearance?
Am I jealous of others' spiritual gifts?
Am I afraid of making others upset with me?  Do I try to make everyone happy?

Idol of distraction: I would rather escape, numb, or entertain myself
Uncovering the idol of distraction:
When life is hard and I need a break, where do I turn?
What is most exciting to me in this life?
What sins have I embraced in my life to try to find an escape from reality?