Another Update!

By Aaron LeDuc,

Here's another update from the Czech team:

Hey church family!


Just wanted to send a quick email update about our week. Things are going well and we have been having a great time connecting with the kids. In the mornings, we break off into English and Sports groups where each of us has the opportunity in leading a smaller group of students. In the afternoon, we have an activity that usually involves running around a lot, being silly, and more running around. Each evening is a program with the topic of the Prodigal Son, where we have been teaching the students about the two brothers in that story. One is rebellious who pursues worldly pleasures and the other one lives a life of "good deeds" but with no relationship with the father. It has been a great topic as we have been able to explain that the story represents all of us... and that we have all rejected God but that He still desires to have a relationship with us.


After the evening program, we are able to break up into small groups where the students talk through questions about the topic for the evening. Over half of the students have never been to camp before and most of them do not attend a church or really know much about God. Learning about who He is and that we are all sinners is a very new concept for many of them.


Please pray for openness and that the kids will truly look into these matters. Pray that they will see their need for a Savior. With this age group, many of them are thinking more about dating relationships, the latest phone, Facebook, and the next great blockbuster movie to hit the theatres rather than eternal things.


Our team is all doing an amazing job interacting with the students. It can be quite difficult at times with the language barrier, but fortunately there are enough Czechs who can come to the aid of us Americans. :-) Please pray that God will give us more opportunities to really engage the students and that we can challenge them to make a decision to follow Christ. Please pray for the evening discussion time as well. I truly believe there are kids here at camp right now who will come to know Him this week. Please pray that that is the case and that God will use all of our team to change lives!!


Serving Him in the Czech,

Alex, Laura, Nikki, Joelle, Aubrey, Scott, and Scott