Czech Update - Czeching in from Czech

By Aaron LeDuc,


Please see the email from the Czech team below about what's happened so far on the trip:

Ahoj! That's "hello" in Czech... pronounced "ahoy". Similar to what a sailor might say. ;-)

It's been an adventure so far and we are still only in the beginning! We arrived in Vsetin yesterday where we were able to meet some of the Czech leaders who we will be working with at the English/Sports camp. We were able to play some games and have a good ol' BBQ... it was the perfect way to get to know them better and to start the week off as we serve together as one team.

Last night, the seven of us spent time with Freddy and Dan who are the head pastors of Light House church in Vsetin. It was a sweet time of fellowship as we learned more of the Czech culture and the challenges they face in spreading the gospel here in Europe. There is such a great need for people in their church to step up and lead by discipling others to grow in their faith. That is a good reminder for us all to do our part in the Body of Christ by being willing to step out of our comfort zones and by getting involved where there is need.

Today we traveled to the English/Sports camp for the week. We tried to meet all 55 of the kids on the train ride over. So far, there are only a few shy and timid students, but between the goofy ice-breaker games we have planned and lots of sugar we brought over from Colorado, we hope that will all change. :-) We trust that the Lord has great plans for these kids at camp, and pray that they will be open to what God has in store... and in the process, we trust that God will work in us as well.

Please pray for an amazing evening tonight as it will be the official "kick off" for the week! Thanks and talk to you soon!

With Love from the Czech,

Alex, Laura, Nikki, Joelle, Aubrey, Scott, and Scott