Final Update from Czech

By Aaron LeDuc,

Church family - here's the final update from the Czech Team:

Ahoj Mountain View!

Our team finished English Camp yesterday morning and are now in Vsetin for the weekend. It was an amazing week of silly games, late nights, crazy skits, and good talks about the gospel. Many of the students learned for the first time that Christianity isn't about doing good things, but that God's gift of salvation is free to those who believe. It was definitely a new message to many of the kids who thought that Christianity was all about being a good person.

There were several students who came to the Lord at camp... praise God! Please be praying that the seeds that were planted will continue to grow and that more will come to know Him. We know of several more who are really close to coming to Christ.

This afternoon, we all had a special "after camp" service in Vsetin at Majak church where the students were invited to come. It was the perfect opportunity for them to see what a church service is like... and very different from the perceptions of those who have never been.

Our team was able to rest a little over the past couple days, which has been really needed. I think most of the team got only a few hours of sleep on the last day of camp. We've been staying in guest homes and really experiencing the Czech culture... and sweet dumplings (those who have been to the Czech know they should be there own food group!). The host families have been very kind to us!

It's hard to believe we only have a few more days in the Czech! It has been a successful trip as the gospel was proclaimed, several decisions for Christ were made, and many new friendships formed among the youth at Majak Church.

Thank you SO much for praying for us! We can't wait to share more photos and stories with you when we all get back later this week.

See you soon!

~The Czech Team :-)