Holding Out the Hope of Christ This Easter

By Kevin Wolfe,

We often say that being on mission is more than just inviting people to church so they can hear the Gospel but actually taking the Gospel to them where they live and do life.   (Come and see vs. go and tell)   However, there are special opportunities that can be very effective in inviting people to come hear the Gospel.  Easter provides one of those great opportunities!  Easter is where many in our culture, whether they regularly go to church or not, are open to going to a church service.  It is an accepted cultural event.  Therefore, let’s take advantage of this.  God often used uses the gathering of His people, the proclamation of His word, the worship of His people, and loving fellowship to draw people to Himself.

Who is in your life that you can invite to one of our Easter services?  Take the time this week to personally invite them.   For most people, the idea of coming to a church service by themselves is incredibly intimidating.  Therefore, don’t just give them an invite card with the service times but invite them to come with you.  Travel together and then think creatively how you can spend some time after the service together.  This gives them an opportunity to see the Gospel in your life and provides a very open door as you ask them what they thought of the service.  So Invite them over for lunch, do an Easter egg hunt, go out to eat, etc. Let’s take advantage of Easter and see it as it is… a great opportunity to step out in faith and hold out the hope of the Gospel!