The Sovereignty of God and a Bookmark

By Jason McConahy,

Last year I made this bookmark for Sara and I when she was going through her struggles.  We needed daily reminders of God's care for us in the midst of the circumstances we were going through.  The temptation toward fear was significant, so having this in our Bibles helped us remember what is true rather than allowing our minds go places that weren't helpful.  Here is a brief explanation of the images...

FEAR - This one is obvious.  We are commanded not to fear, because Jesus is bigger than the storm we find ourselves in!  Fear is a response we have to the fact that we are not in control of our lives.  But God is in control!

HYPOTHETICALVILLE - When we are suffering, and when the future is unknown to us, we have a tendency to "forecast" doom and imagine the worst.  We fear what might come next rather than experience God's abundant grace in the moment.  We are anxious about hypoteticals and miss His presence in the moment.  Hypotheticalville is not a fun place to live.

BURNER - Pastor Cyrus had mentioned this imagery in a sermon around that time - that sometimes we imagine God having put us on the burner and then He left the kitchen and forgot about us.  That is not true.  God is not absent and has not abandoned us, but rather is working His good purposes with perfect precision and attention to detail in my life.  He can be trusted!