Fishtail Mountain, the Glory of God, and praying for Nepal

By Jason McConahy,

Church Family,

This last weekend I mentioned the magnitude of Fishtail mountain near our sister church in Nepal.  Here is a picture of it.  The picture cannot begin to capture the awe one feels when looking up at its peak, which rises to nearly 23,000 ft.  Imagine how this mountain (the creation), speaks to the glory and greatness of God (its creator).  

This week several of us from MVC are heading to Nepal to invest in the ministry of Binay Church...

- Ashley & I will be doing pastoral training with their pastors & leadership

- Mark & Jeff will be hosting a workshop to see if anyone has the skills and interest to tie flies (for fly-fishing).  This is part of the ongoing attempt to help them think of ideas for peope in the church to be self-sufficient.  For those who are interested in taking up this work, there is a way to funnel their product into a supply chain through Thailand and end up in fishing stores all over the world.

- Matt, Ben & Ryan will be going on the Annapurna trek.  This trek helps fund the salary of two youth workers doing ministry in conjunction with Binay Church.  

Please pray for us while we are there, that we would be sensitive as to how we can best serve these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Thank you!