Superbowl Opportunities

By Kevin Wolfe,

The Superbowl is a bit of cultural phenomenon in our nation.  People who don't even like football will gather with others to watch this "game."  Though many turn sports and sports figures into idols in our culture, we can still use this as an opportunity for the Gospel.  The Superbowl becomes a very easy event to invite others into your home and offer hospitality.  This gives you a chance to connect with neighbors, co-workers, classmates in a casual environment so that you can get to know them and they can see Christ in you.  So....throw a Superbowl party and connect with others this week.

One thing we wanted to do at MVC this year is provide some tools for you to use to point people toward Christ as you gather on Superbowl Sunday.  A brother that was part of Mountain View for many years - Daniel T. - is at the Superbowl with a ministry called where they will be conducting interiews with both the Broncos and the Seahawks players, asking them questions of faith.  It is really encouraging to hear players who will be playing on one of the world's biggest stages to declare there is something greater than football..... Jesus!  They will then produce videos that can be used as an alternative to half time (no wardrobe malfunctions in this one :) or to play before and after the game.  This video will give you a chance to show to your friends who are watching the game with you and hear about the importance of Christ.  Here is the link for the short 5 minute video:

    Passcode:  FORTCOLLINS_SB48short

A longer version of the video with more content and interviews is able to be seen at:

One other resource is something the Resurgence (ministry out of Seattle) has put together.  It is also an alternative halftime show where Mark Driscoll (Pastor of Mars Hill Church) interviews several Seahawks players.  The players, including Russell Wilson, do a great job in communicating their love for Jesus.  The only problem with the video is it is all Seahawks... boooo.  You can download and watch the video now.  They also have a resource on this page with suggestions on how to throw a Superbowl party.  

Resurgence Half Time Show

Enjoy the big game - use it as an opportunity to shine Christ... and GO BRONCOS!!!!!