Galatians - Live Free!

By Jason McConahy,

The power of the gospel is in its simplicity - God rescued us!  God did everything necessary to secure our salvation, and he offers that salvation to us as a free gift!  We don’t earn that salvation through works, rather we receive it through faith.  Anything other than simple faith in Christ cheapens His grace, and therefore distorts the gospel.  This simple yet very important truth is what Paul is addressing in his letter to the churches in Galatia.

The churches in Galatia were in danger of believing a distorted gospel, which according to Paul’s argument, is really anti-gospel.  Some Jewish people were trying to convince them that they had to become Jewish in order to then become Christian.  The result is that salvation is no longer by faith in Christ alone, but by faith PLUS the works of the law.  This equation (Jesus + __________ ) is contrary to the gospel, and results in a Christian life driven by the power of the flesh rather than the Holy Spirit.  It is not only destructive to the individual, but it results in division in the body of Christ.  

Join us as we begin our journey through the New Testament book of Galatians and let’s uncover together the beauty of the gospel’s simplicity, kindle our amazement over the concept of grace, and experience the power of the Holy Spirit who is within us!!