Czech Team Update: Getting Ready for Camp

By Jason McConahy,

Camp starts today and in a few hours we will be boarding the train with all of the campers to head up to the camp facility. We will have roughly 55 kids at the camp this year (with another 30 helpers & leaders)!

After our training we came down to Vsetin to help the church prepare for camp. On Friday we spent the afternoon playing sports with many of the kids who will be coming to the camp as a way to begin building relationships. Some of the students are coming to the camp for a sports emphasis, while the majority are coming for English instruction.

Here are the assignments for each of our team members...
- Beginner English - Riley & Nathan
- Intermediate English - Sara, Micaela, Bailey & Ruth
- Advanced English - Jason & Bethany
- Sports - Brittany & Joel

The entire camp is designed to introduce the students to the Good News of the Gospel over the course of the week. The students in our English classes are also the students that we will have in our “discussion groups” at night. English / sports instruction takes place in the mornings. Afternoons are filled with camp-wide games and outdoor activities. In the evening, all of the kids are brought together where they will hear a talk centered on a story from God’s Word. Over the course of the week we will cover the entire story of the Bible from creation to new creation along the path of God’s plan for redemption. Each evening after the talk, students will be in their discussion groups to speak about their own thoughts and questions regarding the spiritual content.

The goals of the week include:
- to provide quality English instruction (the kids are coming for conversational English experience, not grammar and mechanics)
- to build relationships with our students and care for them personally
- to share the gospel with the students
- to help connect the students with the Czech Christians so that, after camp is over, the local church in Vsetin might continue to invest in the students’ spiritual journey, wherever they might be with Christ.

Pray for us as we begin this journey. Every day is packed from start to finish. Pray for God’s strength, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well, so that we might pour ourselves into the camp and the students for the next 7 days. Pray for God to help us connect with specific students and for Him to open their hearts to His Good News.

On behalf of the team,