The Decisions We Make

By Jordan Smith,

Hello again!

In the last blog, I spoke very briefly about the upcoming school year, the community that is formed in college, and the importance of that community throughout the college years. College is a time where we young people that are transitioning into adulthood finally have the chance to make decisions autonomously. We are out of the house and away from the constant overlook of our parents. We have the freedom to reform our identities and find out who we truly are and what we are all about. 

My freshman year at Colorado State University was the most critical time in my life. During the fall semester, I tasted the freedom of being on my own for the first time. I was free to make my own decisions and determine who I was. It was during that semester that I began to understand that my identity had not been in God. I realized that I was guilty of breaking God's commands and making decisions in rebellion to Him. This ultimately led me to make the most important decision - placing my faith in Jesus Christ. That led to another very important decision to get plugged into Christian community that would encourage me towards God. And it all started because of the freedom that college offers and the decisions that arise because of that freedom.

The decisions we make determine the type of community we are going to be a part of. And the type of community we are a part of plays an important roll in determining who we are going to be as individuals. In just a few days freshmen show up and will meet hundreds of new people and in one week classes start for all of us and new friendships will begin. As another summer ends and the school year starts I challenge us all to think through these important questions. What community are you going to be a part of? How will that community impact you as an individual? Is it going to build you up, or break you down?

The decisions we make during our college years set a trajectory for the rest of our lives: what are yours going to be?

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- Jordan