God’s Glory and the Psalms

By Jason McConahy,

This weekend, as we explored the glory of God in our “Greater” series, we spoke about the many competitors to God’s glory seeking to capture our affections. This world is constantly advertising its “glories” before us, offering joy, hope and purpose through products, relationships, experiences, vacations, careers, and a myriad of things. Worshiping God in His glory begins with seeing Him as glorious. The battle is first to behold, and then to believe, so that we can respond to His glory is soul-satisfying worship. The progression of these words was presented an illustration we will use throughout this series:

One place where we see this progression illustrated at the level of personal worship is in the Psalms. The Psalms are filled with individuals who are struggling to see God in the midst of their circumstances. But the Psalms are about movement - moving toward God, fighting to see truth and His glory in the midst of a world that hinders our sight, and then grabbing hold of those glimpses of truth and glory with tenacious faith. As the Psalmist does this, they always walk away responding to those truths in worship. In the Psalms, God “meets us where we are at, and takes us where we need to go…”  So if you are seeking some biblical fuel to help you behold the glory of God in your own personal worship this week, here are a few Psalms you might consider. We covered these Psalms in a summer preaching series a few years ago that can be found here:

  • Psalm 36 - God’s Faithfulness
  • Psalm 73 - Eternal Mindset
  • Psalm 62 - Trusting God 
  • Psalm 32 & 52 - Repentance & Forgiveness 
  • Psalm 42 & 43 - Depression & Discouragement 
  • Psalm 46 - Quieting our Fears
  • Psalm 139 - God’s Presence and Intimacy 

- Jason