What’s The Big Deal?

By Jordan Smith,
Join our college ministry and be part of a christian community this year at CSU.

Join our college ministry and be part of a christian community this year at CSU.

No one knows how it happened, but it’s already August, which brings with it the beginning of school year and consequently the end of the summer. Here in Fort Collins this impacts people of all ages due to the Colorado State University schedule, but there is no greater impact than on the CSU student. From the freshman that is looking for a Christian college ministry to the senior who is looking to secure a job after graduation, the nine months ahead will be an adventure. And for all of us students this adventure is greatly influenced by the friendships and community around us.

You don’t have to been an expert – which I certainly am not – to know the importance friendships play in our college careers. I’ve talked to many adults who are long past graduated and the one thing they miss from their college years is the community. It’s not that they no longer have community, but that it’s different when you graduate. There aren’t any more late nights playing games or last minute road trips. There aren’t any more college retreats or wilderness adventures. We will take classes and learn theories that will soon be forgotten, but the memories we make these four, or maybe five, years will last forever.

So what’s the big deal? The big deal is that the community we choose to be a part of for our time in college is the most important decision we will make. Over the next few weeks I want to both prove this point and invite everyone to come be a part of the college community here at Mountain View Community Church. 

For information about our college ministry, head over to: www.mvcchurch.org/college