Staying Unified Through Our Suffering

By Kevin Wolfe,

Unity in the church family is critically important. Unity allows us to glorify God and put Him on display in and through our lives in incredible ways. With unity being so important, it is often the area that Satan attacks. Those attacks come in many various forms - it can be through our immaturity and gossip, our bitterness and unforgiveness, or comparison and pride. But one area we do not often look for disunity is in our suffering. Rather then bearing each others burdens or freely sharing each others burdens, pain can isolate us with many lies. When a person suffers (and we all will in varying degrees throughout our life…it is promised), Satan wants to isolate us in our suffering so that we do not lean upon the strength of others who are pointing us to Christ. Lies come in that say, "they will never understand", "they do not know how it feels" and more, which all can lead to us distancing ourselves from others. 

I was really blessed by this article that address this topic in a very helpful and insightful way.  Please enjoy this article from Desiring God Ministries - “Pain - A Secret Garden of Pride” -

- Kevin