Holy Week: Preparing Our Hearts for Easter

By Aaron LeDuc,

Join us for this special blog series during Holy Week as we prepare our hearts for Easter and the true celebration of the season - the great hope we have through the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  

Check our blog each day to find our latest blog leading up to Sunday and pray that God will use it to prepare your heart to worship Him this Easter season!

Blog Posts
Easter: Celebration and Opportunity
- Holy Week: The Veiled Glory of the King
- Holy Week: The Righteous Anger of the Son of God
- Holy Week: Our Great Hope
- Holy Week: Intended for Good
- Holy Week: The Impending Darkness
- Holy Week: Worth Is The Lamb
- Holy Week: All Wrong

You can also join us in praying this week leading up to Easter.  Click here to download our prayer sheet for this Easter.