A Song For Your Easter Meditations

By Jason McConahy,

There is a song I enjoy that, when I first heard it, I thought the artist must be misusing a familiar word.  The song is by Andrew Peterson, and the word in question is also the song title - “Hosanna”.  We tend to think of hosanna the way we think of hallelujah, a declaration of praise.  But the word literally means “save now” or “save, I pray”.  It shows up in the scriptures when the masses are welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  They are quoting from Psalm 118:25-26 when they say “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” (Mark 11:9).  It is a cry for salvation, hoping in Jesus as the one who comes in the name of the Lord to bring that salvation.  

Now back to Andrew Peterson’s song.  If you have a chance to listen, think about the way he uses this word and frames the song around it.  It will give you a different lens to focus your thoughts, and it will give you fuel for worship as you consider the greatness of Christ’s finished work.  To quote the song, He has “beaten death at death’s own game!”  And we are the recipients of His great victory!  Hallelujah!

To purchase this song and more from Andrew Peterson, visit: www.andrew-peterson.com or find him on:


The Second Coming of Jesus and Christmas Hymns

By Jason McConahy,

You might wonder why I am pointing us to Christmas, since the holiday season has recently come and gone. After all, we are in the middle of February already! We just finished a 3-week study through the Olivet Discourse in Mark 13, where Jesus speaks about his second coming. Our study through Mark has caused us to think of Jesus’ ministry in terms of the word “kingdom”. His ministry-launching words were “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” In other words, the kingdom of God has come in the arrival of the King. In the rest of Mark’s gospel, Jesus is shown to demonstrate His identity as the King through His miracles, His power, His wisdom, and His authority.

Our discussion of the kingdom of God has caused us to recognize the already but not yet aspect of the current nature of this kingdom. Jesus inaugurated His kingdom at His first coming, so through faith in Him we already are citizen’s of that kingdom and enjoy its abundant blessings. But Jesus will consummate His kingdom at His second coming, and only then will we enjoy the fulness of all that is ours as children of God. This means that the first coming of Jesus and the second coming of Jesus are inseparably linked.

For the past two Christmas seasons, we have been exploring that connection, the already and the not yet, and how the first coming of Jesus points us to His return. I recently saw this blog post that points out the beautiful connection between Jesus first and second coming in the famous hymn, Joy to the World. May this encourage your heart and open your eyes to a greater fulness as we sing this song again in 10 months...


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Prepare Him Room

By Aaron LeDuc,

One of the movements that we resonate with at Mountain View is Sovereign Grace Ministries. They are a church planting movement that has a history of writing God honoring worship music to serve the local church. We have worshiped our King using many of their songs over the years. This year they released a Christmas album which is no exception to the fantastic music that they've been producing. Last Sunday we gathered in worship and sang the song “Who Would've Dreamed?" together. This coming Sunday we will sing the song "God Made Low” corporately. I’d urge you to give “God Made Low” a listen before this Sunday and consider purchasing the whole album to help you fix your eyes on Jesus this Christmas season.

Here are some links to listen to or purchase the album:
Amazon MP3

Here are the lyrics to “God Made Low”:


Prophets promised long ago
A King would come to bring us hope
And now a virgin bears a son
The time to save the world has come


Humble shepherds run in haste
To see the One the angels praised
In cattle stall they find a girl
Who holds the hope of all the world


Emmanuel has come to us
The Christ is born, Hallelujah!
Our God made low to raise us up
Emmanuel, has come to us


As He sleeps upon the hay
He holds the moon and stars in place
Though born an infant He remains
The sovereign God of endless days


For all our sins one day He’ll die
To make us sons of God on high
Let every heart prepare Him room
The promises have all come true


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