Proud vs Broken People

By Kevin Wolfe,

This weekend we studied Psalm 51 and what true, Biblical repentance looks like. I mentioned a resource during the sermon that contrasts proud, unbroken people with humble, broken people. The full list of contrasting characteristics can be found here:

I encourage you to take time this week to look over this list and pray through ways that you have been proud and resistant to true repentance. 

We see a pattern of true repentance in Psalm 51:
    - Run to God, not away from Him! (vs. 1-2)
    - Take complete ownership of your sin! (vs. 3-6)
    - Trust that He can cleanse and change you! (vs. 7-12)
    - Know that God can use even “this” for His glory! (vs. 13-15)
so walk in true repentance! (vs. 16-19)