Fall Classes and Bible Studies

Find out more about our upcoming classes to further train and equip you in different areas of the Christian life. If you have questions about these classes or other opportunities to grow deeper in you faith, contact us!

Biblical Distinctives

Biblical Distinctives will help you develop your own biblical convictions through the study of several important topics, while learning what MVCC believes and how it influences our philosophy of ministry.  This class is a prerequisite for leadership at Mountain View. We offer this class 3 times a year - fall semester, spring semester and over the summer. If you consider MVCC to be your church home then be sure to sign up for the next class!

Biblical Foundations

Biblical Foundations is designed to be a one-on-one Bible study intended to deepen your love for Jesus Christ by helping ground you in foundational concepts of the Christian faith. This material is meant to teach you more about God's Word, about studying the Bible, and fuel your love for Jesus as well as your passion to give these truths away to someone else!



A majority of our ongoing, weekly Bible studies are in the context of our LifeGroups. If you a part of MVCC but have yet to join a LifeGroup, we invite you to join a group and experience the Biblical Community, Shepherding Care, and focus on Making Disciples that you will find in our LifeGroups.