Join us on Saturday, November 10th from 8am - 5pm for Equip Day! This is a day designed to equip the members of Mountain View Community Church in various practical areas of our lives. There is no cost to attend though we do ask that you register in advance. Registration closes on Sunday, November 4th. Childcare and lunch are not provided. We hope that you walk away from Equip Day with practical training, resources, and being encouraged in your walk with the Lord.

Four sessions will be offered so you can attend up to four classes. The class descriptions are listed below the class schedule for the day.

Equip Day Schedule2.png

Class Descriptions

A Marriage Check-Up

Using the online assessment from Prepare / Enrich, we will look at your relationship through a series of tools and give you practical ideas for taking your marriage deeper. *The assessment from Prepare / Enrich costs $35/couple and is required for this class. Further details about the assessment will be sent once registered. (Session 2)

Bible Study Tools

Learn and practice the basic tools that help us understand what the Bible teaches in any given text of Scripture (this is a 2-part workshop). (Sessions 1&2)

Cultivating a Heart for Missions

Learn how to be a "global" Christian as we discuss God's heart for the nations as well as discuss MVC's missions philosophy and missions partnerships. (Session 4)

Cultivating Dependence through Prayer

Learning from God's Word and practicing together how to live more dependent on God’s power through vibrant prayer. (Session 1 or 3)

How to Provide Good Counsel

Do you ever feel stuck when friends seek counsel from you regarding their lives? Come learn how to offer godly counsel and encouragement to others. (Session 1)

Ministry Where You Live, Work & Play

Learn how to creatively and effectively represent Christ and His Gospel to those you are most naturally around - where you live, work and play. (Session 1 or 3)

One-on-One Discipleship

God wants to use you (no matter where you are in your Christian journey) to help others get grounded in their faith. Come learn how! (Session 2)

Parenting: A Vision for the Journey

Developing a Biblical framework for new parents or parents of young children to help you have a paradigm / plan for parenting them through the years. (Session 4)

Parenting in a Technological Age

Smart phones! Social Media! Learn how to navigate the challenges (and opportunities) of technology with wisdom and purpose. (Session 1 or 3)

Parenting Teens

Sharpen your vision for the teenage years as an age of opportunity for influencing your children toward Christ. (Session 2)

Reading the Bible as a Single Story

Learn how the Bible is put together as a single story that focuses our hearts on the work of Christ. This will help you read and study the Bible for a lifetime. (Session 4)

Sharing your Faith

Developing practical tools for sharing the Gospel with those in your life who don't yet know Christ (this is a 2-part workshop). (Session 1&2 or 3&4)

Stewardship through Budgeting

A hands-on budgeting workshop for thinking through, creating, and executing a budget as a way to pursue good stewardship of what God has entrusted to you. (Session 4)

Stirring Your Affections with the Bible

How do we approach God's Word for what it is, a life-giving source of grace to stir our daily affections toward Christ, not simply a book of information to know intellectually? (Session 3)

The Anatomy of Church Planting

Learn what it takes to plant a church, why it is a passion of ours, why so many people with varying gifts are needed to form teams, and brainstorm what it will take to plant 10 churches in the next 10 years. (Session 3)

Worship as a Way of Life

Discover how your creative and loving nature as God’s representative is lived out in all realms of where you live, work, and play. (Session 2 or 4)