What is a LifeGroup?

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A LifeGroup is a small group of people from the church family that gathers regularly in to encourage and support one another in their Christian journey. While our weekly services are a great time for gathering together in worship, they do not allow for the development and ongoing cultivation of intimate friendships. LifeGroups are designed to facilitate these deeper relationships in an environment where we “do life together” in Christian community.

As the church family grows, so does the need for each person to be assimilated into God’s design for biblical community. LifeGroups are an ideal place for new people to get involved. LifeGroups are also a place where people will be challenged to grow in their walk with Jesus Christ, find accountability, experience one-on-one discipleship, and be challenged to use their gifts in ministry. LifeGroups are also regularly multiplying as new leaders are raised up from within the groups.

What are the Purposes of LifeGroups at MVC?

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LifeGroups are designed around the following biblical purposes:

  • Foster Biblical Community - Within the body of Christ, each one of us is called to experience deeper relationships where we can use our gifts to serve and build-up one another. These small groups foster this kind of Christian community where our needs and burdens can be known and met by others, and where we can know about and help meet the needs of those around us.
  • Extend Shepherding Care - LifeGroups are a place where each person can be encouraged and shepherded through the challenges of life. As needs arise in our lives, the LifeGroup leader and the other members of the group are there to walk with us and point us to Christ. When needed, people can also be connected to pastoral care and counseling.
  • Facilitate the Making of Disciples - We are called to live out the mission of making disciples in the context of the beautiful community we share. In Matt 28 Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." A key word in this passage is "baptizing" - making disciples starts in the harvest where people don't yet know Christ. Through our LifeGroups, we are able to cultivate a heart for those in our lives who don't yet know Jesus.

How do I Get Involved in a LifeGroup?

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Because LifeGroups are so important, our desire and expectation is that everyone at MVC would be involved in a LifeGroup. There is no formula in how to pick and get involved with a LifeGroup, yet once a person decides to start attending one on a regular basis, it is common that strong, family-like-relationships will be developed. If you have never visited one of our many LifeGroups, make now the time. These descriptions highlight all of our LifeGroups listed by the day of the week on which they meet. Before choosing a LifeGroup, consider these helpful tips!

  • Start with Relationships - Ask those you know attending a LifeGroup if you can join them (hopefully they have already invited you).
  • Demographics & Focus - LifeGroups are diverse in terms of people involved, their focus, and the day, time, and location of the meeting.
  • Visit a Few - We encourage you to check out 2 or 3 LifeGroups before deciding where to plug in. (Warning: don't spend too much time visiting all LifeGroups, you will miss the benefit of cultivating relationships)
  • Start Now - What better time to start getting involved than now!
  • Use the LifeGroup Contact Form to contact a few and get started!  

Current LifeGroups at MVC

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