Men's Ministry Bible Study Cohorts

Join us as we study the life of Abraham! We will take both the fall and spring semesters to journey through Genesis chapters 12 - 25. We want you to have the opportunity to grow in studying and applying God’s Word in community with other men so that you might glorify God with your life, experience joy and life change, and help other people know him.

YOU MUST REGISTER BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND! Click here to register! You must attend a mandatory Bible Study Launch, Sunday, September 8th 7-9pm @ MVCC. This will train you on the bible study methods and materials we use and get you everything you need to get started.

The fall study meets weekly from September 15th - November 23rd. Weekly meeting time and place to be determined by cohort. Registration cost is $10. 

What is a Cohort Bible Study?

A group of 2 to 4 people banded together for the purpose of studying God’s word and growing in relationship with one another.

Why are we offering cohorts?

Our desire would be that each person at MVCC would have the opportunity to grow in their confidence to study and apply God’s word in community for His glory, their joy and sanctification, and the good of other people. In an effort to make this more accessible, we are providing the equipping and materials for the bible study method of observation, interpretation and application to be used in smaller groups during times and in places that work best for them.

Who are the cohorts for?

Anyone who is a part of MVCC. Ideally cohorts consist of 2 to 4 men from the same Lifegroup and therefore deepen the community already started.

What would you do in a cohort?

We study a book of the Bible over one or two semesters and use exegesis and inductive methods to observe, interpret and apply God’s Word. Each week there is a passage of scripture to study and questions to answer individually and once a week the cohort gathers to talk through their completed study questions, pray and build deeper relationship.

How will I be equipped to do the study?

There is a mandatory Launch Sunday, September 8th, 7-9pm to teach the bible study methods we use and get your materials. Please prioritize coming! You will also receive weekly emails to keep you up to date with resources to help.

When and where do cohorts happen?  This is flexible! Cohort gatherings should happen once a week whenever and wherever is preferable for the group: in a coffee shop, over lunch break, in a living, over FaceTime - whatever works best for everyone!

How do I form a cohort?

  • Talk to your Lifegroup leaders and let them know you are interested in forming a cohort.

  • Gather a cohort (1 to 3 other men plus yourself)


  • Decide when and where you will meet weekly.

  • Watch your email for more information.

  • Make sure you come to the Launch on Sept. 8th.

Please understand, a cohort is:    

  • An opportunity to study God’s word and deepen community with other men in your Lifegroup. They are not meant to take the place of, compete with, or distract from Lifegroup, but instead enhance and support them. This is why it is preferable that the men in your cohort be from the same Lifegroup, but this is not required. If you are interested in a cohort, but not in a Lifegroup, please contact Jason McConahy at

  • A commitment. We would ask that you seriously consider the time and effort needed to do the study and meet as a cohort weekly and stick with it. Average time needed for daily study is about 30 minutes - sometimes more, sometimes less. A cohort meeting would most likely take 1 to 1 1/2 hours a week.

  • A space for growth, grace, vulnerability, challenge, and authenticity. If you have never tried to study the Bible for yourself, that is more than okay. You will be given the equipping and support needed to succeed and the environment of each cohort should strive for the qualities mentioned above. 

Questions? Click here to contact Jason McConahy.