The Mission of Mountain View

We believe that the call to make disciples is given to every believer. A significant part of making disciples happens when God’s people are intentionally and purposefully engaging those who are in their life with the hope of the Gospel. Therefore, evangelism and mission are not done by just a few people and a few evangelism programs but are done by EVERYONE at MVC. As we live in community with each other, the majority of our evangelism will take place by the church body as they interact with people in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, stores, sports, etc. We are called to be ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20) and are to live our live’s as sent ones (John 17:18). The church body at MVC is constantly challenged to take this call seriously and to be very intentional and purposeful toward this mandate.

While much of the mission happens as we go through life in our unique spheres of influence in Biblical/Gospel Community (LifeGroups), there are a few strategic focuses that we gather teams together to pursue. Below are some of the strategic focuses:

Marco Baptism.jpg

Since MVC was started, we have had a passion to see healthy, reproducing churches planted throughout the world for the glory of God. We believe this is one of the best ways to make disciples who make disciples by planting healthy, local, reproducing churches with a heart to reach their culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We are called in the Great Commission to make disciples of ALL nations. We believe this to be our responsibility to do all we can to see gospel go forward in the parts of the world without a sustaining indigenous church. This is why we focus on frontier missions. 


We believe there are some very strategic demographics in Fort Collins that we want to be very intentional in reaching with the gospel. Our more focused and strategic areas for local outreach are in the middle schools, high schools, Colorado State University and Front Range Community College campuses, in the life of singles, and the poor and needy (the orphan, the prisoner, the unborn and the oppressed).