Imagine an environment where you have an opportunity to speak your heart about the goodness of the Lord!  Where your listeners are hungry for a new way - hungry for the love and forgiveness only our Creator can offer. Where the brokenness is so deep, that the only way out is through Jesus.  Where the concept of "father" has been soiled by abuse and abandonment, where only our heavenly Father can replace that concept with unconditional love and will never leave.  Where it's not about you, it's all about the One who gives live.  Where you are at a place where your purpose is to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to speak into the prisoners lives.

The Prison Ministry at MVC reaches inmates at the local jail thorugh worship, the Word, and fellowship. There are many that you can get involved in this ministry!

  • Meet with an inmate 1-on-1

  • Lead a bible study with a group of inmates

  • Join and serve the regular worship services at the jail

  • Hope For Christmas (information below)

  • And more!

Click here to read more about our Prison Ministry in this article in the Coloradoan.

Hope For Christmas

Hope For Christmas is a ministry that pairs a family at MVC with family in the community with an incarcerated family member.  Through Hope For Christmas, families at MVC are able to provide them with a Christmas meal and gifts in the name of the incarcerated family member.  It is a vehicle to help reestablish the family relationship and to identify and possibly meet immediate needs using resources throughout the body at MVC.  Most importantly, through these relationships, we are able to tell them about Jesus, true hope this Christmas season!  This is a great opportunity to love and serve these families, share about the hope of the gospel, and invite them to join us on Christmas Eve!

Here are a few brief stories from some of our Hope for Christmas Connector Families - 

"We took gifts last Friday, the family was very appreciative and said that they would see us at church! We made them a meal when we delivered the gifts and are planning to bring them a Christmas meal next week. Thanks for giving us the privilege to be Jesus’ hands and feet!"

" a thank you card the girls expressed how much they miss and need their daddy so I would ask for prayer for them to feel loved and blessed by his willingness to reach out to them this way."

"I got the impression that she is feeling pretty overwhelmed. She specifically asked for prayer that "God would hold" her. So please be praying that God will draw her to Himself, and make His presence in her life very tangible."

"The mother grew up in Catholicism, as I did, so I was able to talk to her briefly about the simplicity of the Gospel as is relates to "grace alone". She asked if I had any further reading materials, so I plan to bring her a bible and a book. She wants her daughters to find faith as well."