Women’s Bible Study

Wednesday Mornings | Sept 27th - Nov 29th | 9-11am | church (in the Living Room)
Thursday Evenings | Sept 28th - Nov 30th | 6-7:30pm | home of Melissa Jensen

MVC women, do you have a desire to grow closer to the Lord, to grow in your knowledge of Scripture, and to deepen your relationships with other women in the body? Join the Women’s Bible Study! We will be taking an in depth look at the book of Genesis: A Foundation for Understanding God's Plan for Salvation. We will simply be taking passages of scripture and going through a process of observation, interpretation and application. There is no cost for the study. Please join us as we learn, grow and connect together. Questions? Click here to contact us!

The Women's Bible Study exists to explore God's Word together in order to grow into Christlikeness. We feel the best bible study is just that studying the Bible itself in its purest form. We take a book from the Bible and we use an inductive study method which simply means: 

  • Observing what is going on in the text - asking who, what, when, how questions
  • Interpreting the text - what it means
  • Application - how can I apply it to my life

*We provide study sheets to aid you in this process.

We meet together in two large groups every week to discuss what we found in our personal study. This is a great time to learn from each other and most importantly to learn more from the Lord. Often times we have some extra teaching as well. Finally, we break into small prayer groups of 3-4 women to share prayer requests and pray together. This is a great place to meet and make new friends; it's truly a sweet time of learning and fellowship.

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Women's Bible Study in Fort Collins
Fort Collins Women's Bible Study