Steven & Ally Wright

What's Happening?

After living in Fort Collins, CO, since January 2016, we have felt the Lord guiding us in a new direction. Our family is planning to leave Colorado and head to Burundi (a tiny country in Africa) for the first half of 2020. You can find more details below!

Why Burundi?

A primary goal for our lives is to help see local churches planted, developed, and reproduced both in our country and the rest of the world, and we feel like God has been preparing us for this opportunity for most of our lives. We have been on a combined 23 short-term missions trips to various locations around the world. Ally served on staff with a church plant in Winston-Salem, NC, for three years, while Steven has been on staff at Mountain View Community Church in Fort Collins, CO, since June 2017.

In 2014, we began praying with Russ and Anna Bennett and a handful of other families from James Island Christian Church in the Charleston, SC, area to see whether or not God would have us serve together for an extended season of ministry. The Bennetts felt the call to Burundi first and moved there in August 2018. They took with them their children and a team of three other people from JICC.

Through years of prayer, loads of counsel, a vision trip to Burundi earlier this year, and under the authority and shepherding of our pastors at MVCC, we have confidence that the Lord has this half-year in Burundi as the next stop in the journey He has us on.

Work in Burundi

Our role will be three-pronged:

1. Working alongside Antioch Africa to catalyze a movement of mature and strategic churches in the country of Burundi. In just one year of in-country ministry, Antioch Africa has provided sound theological training to 50 church leaders who have gone on to impact about 250 local churches through the multiplication of education and healthy churches. For more information and video content, you can visit

2. Working with JLife, a Christian organization that primarily works to the end of discipling widows and orphans throughout Burundi. They will be our sponsor organization, which is necessary for us to obtain visas and entry into the country.

  • Spiritually, we will help equip the current JLife staff, while helping them love, care for, and disciple widows, orphans, and other marginalized groups.

  • Organizationally, we will help them develop their website and newsletter, while also helping them create processes for care and communication.

3. Supporting the Bennetts and the rest of the team. We see this as a hugely important aspect of our time in Burundi. Biblically, we see Jesus and the Holy Spirit sending people to be on mission in the context of teams to provide friendship and mentorship to each other.

Beyond Burundi

We view our six months in Burundi as a crucial time to be in direct relationship with the team as we head into the next season of life: church establishing and planting in the greater Charleston, SC, area. The vision is to plant churches in each of the unique neighborhoods in Charleston while also providing apostolic care to this regional network of churches.

During this time of planting stateside, we will also be focused on multiplying the Antioch Africa training into other international contexts. The team has been invited to train and equip pastors and church leaders in Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania, with other opportunities in Africa and other countries up ahead! What a privilege!

Would you Support This work?

Please, partner with our family, the team we will be joining, the Burundian leaders, and the vision to plant healthy churches in Charleston and around the world. As you give resources to help fund this endeavor, you are actively participating in making disciples, equipping leaders, and planting churches.

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