Healing from Sexual Abuse

For the past few weekends we have been exploring the injustice of sexual abuse and the pain it causes to victims. We have also been exploring how God provides wonderful hope and genuine healing to those living under the devastation and shame of sexual abuse committed against them. 

Healing is not a single event, but rather process, and there are many meaningful steps that can be taken as one moves forward and out of sexual abuse. Yet through the gospel, God gives us wonderful resources to experience deep and lasting redemption and healing. 

One of Satan's goals is to keep abuse victims silent and isolated in their pain, to convince them that no one will care or believe them if they speak, or to convince them that it is safer to stay imprisoned in their pain than to dig back into the past. Yet God graciously beckons us out of isolation and into the resources He has provided for our healing: His people, and His Word. 

As a part of this series, we have pulled together a one-on-one discipleship guide that can be used in helping an abuse victim and their trusted friend to walk through some of the biblical steps of healing. This guide is available for download below. 

The main steps of this guide include...

  • Giving the sexual abuse victim the chance to tell their story and receiving empathy and compassion and care
  • Helping the sexual abuse victim understand God's justice, forgive their abuser, and to deeply experience God's gracious forgiveness of them
  • Learning how they can renew their mind and live in accordance with what God says is true and to re-think how God tells their story and who God says that they are

If you have any questions about this material or in how to effectively use it with another person, please reach out to us using one of the links below:

One-On-One Discipleship Guide

  1. Your Story Matters
  2. Freedom Through Forgiveness
  3. Forgiveness & Injustice
  4. The Forgiveness List
  5. Pushing a Little Deeper (Confession)
  6. The Confession List
  7. Renewing Your Mind

Healing from Sexual Abuse Sermons

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